Monthly Archives: January 2009

January Reviews

I know it’s still pretty early in the month, but if you’ve reviewed a book for the challenge during January, use this Mr. Linky to share it!


Over Fifty Participants!

I’m so excited guys. 🙂 It seems like people are enjoying the first mini-challenge as well (although, that of course, is optional). Has anyone started their first book? I’ve put China: Fragile Superpower on hold, still waiting for it to arrive at my library branch though! If anyone has started a book, have you learned anything new or interesting or cool?

January Mini-Challenge: Geography!

Because it’s difficult to be world citizen without knowing the physical layout world. 🙂

This month’s mini-challenge is to play some of these world geography games. Then come back and tell me which ones you played and which level you got to. Don’t forget to take screen shots of your best scores and highest levels for bragging rights (on a PC, hit the button on your keyboard that says ‘PrtSc,’ then open Paint and click ‘Edit’ then ‘Paste’)! Each topic you play, and each level you get to, will give you one entry in the giveaway at the end of the month (so doing the first level of six regions gets you the same number of entries as getting to the sixth level of one region). The giveaway will be two books of your choice from my giveaway shelf (link to that coming soon-it’s a ton of books, so I promise there’ll be a big variety) and a cute 12″ blow-up globe.