January Mini-Challenge: Geography!

Because it’s difficult to be world citizen without knowing the physical layout world. 🙂

This month’s mini-challenge is to play some of these world geography games. Then come back and tell me which ones you played and which level you got to. Don’t forget to take screen shots of your best scores and highest levels for bragging rights (on a PC, hit the button on your keyboard that says ‘PrtSc,’ then open Paint and click ‘Edit’ then ‘Paste’)! Each topic you play, and each level you get to, will give you one entry in the giveaway at the end of the month (so doing the first level of six regions gets you the same number of entries as getting to the sixth level of one region). The giveaway will be two books of your choice from my giveaway shelf (link to that coming soon-it’s a ton of books, so I promise there’ll be a big variety) and a cute 12″ blow-up globe.

27 responses to “January Mini-Challenge: Geography!

  1. European Capitals: 87% (Level 2)
    African Countries: 85% (Level 2)
    Middle East: 92% (Level 5)

    What a great mini-challenge!

  2. I love stuff like this. I started playing this morning but had to quit to take my son to the video store. So far I have 91 % on Continents & Oceans, 85% on European Countries level 2, and 83 % on European countries level 3. I’m looking forward to doing the others during our video night tonight! My kids want to play them too!

  3. I did South America Capitals:
    Level 1: 100%
    Level 2: 100%
    Level 3: 100%

    Which looks impressive, but I played each level several times before I did that well. 🙂 South America is my strongest geographical region of knowledge thanks to my high school Spanish teacher. The scores are not going to look so good when I try other continents. The games are addictive.

  4. Ok, I did a few more:

    Asian Countries:
    Level 1: 66%
    Level 2: 78%

    Asian Capitals:
    Level 1: 69%

    Middle East Countries:
    Level 1: 88 %
    Level 2: 100%

  5. I did Asian Countries tonight:
    Level 1 – 97%
    Level 2 – 100%
    Level 3 – 90%
    Level 4 – 100%
    Level 5 – 91%
    Level 6 – 88%

    I’ll try a different continent tomorrow, or maybe I’ll stick with Asia and do capitals or landscapes. This is a great challenge – I feel more informed already! Thanks so much for the work in putting all this together!

  6. These really are kind of addictive – I did a few more tonight:
    World Geography:
    Level 1 – 100%
    Level 2 – 100%
    Level 3 – 100%

    Middle East Countries:
    Level 1 – 100%
    Level 2 – 100%
    Level 3 – 100%
    Level 4 – 94%
    Level 5 – 100%
    Level 6 – 94%
    Level 7 – 94%
    Level 8 – 100%
    Level 9 – 88%

    I’m happy to find I know my geography a little better than I thought!

  7. I started with Oceania, because I figured that would be easiest. I had no idea there were so many little islands! I managed to get to 100% on level one and level two, and now I’m pretty sure I could label a map of Oceania in my sleep. 🙂 Off to try my luck with Africa…

    What a great mini-challenge idea!

  8. I’m glad everyone’s enjoying them so much! And you’re all doing awesomely. 😀

  9. South/Centeral American Capitals:
    Level 1: 100%
    Level 2: 100%
    Level 3: 100%

    South/Central American Countries:
    Level 1: 90%
    Level 2: 100%
    Level 3: 90%
    Level 4: 85%

    I can’t wait to get back and play more – the games really are addicting!

  10. Wow, was this eye-opening (and not in a good way !)

    I played the following:

    Southeast Asia Countries: Level 1: 100% (after 2 trials)
    South Asia Countries: Level 1: 100% (after 2 trials)
    Former USSR Countries: Level 1: 100% (after 5 trials!!)

    I have a lot to learn! These are great tools, and fun too. Thanks 🙂

  11. Asian capitals (neck of my wood, sort of)
    Level 1: 32/32 100%
    Level 2: 31/32 97%
    Level 3: 31/32 97%
    Level 4: 30/32 94%
    Level 6: 24/32 75% (drag countries into the map, this is most fun although I don’t do very well)
    Level 7: 31/32 97%

    South/Central America capitals:
    Level 1: 20/20 100%
    Level 2: 20/20 100%
    Level 3: 20/20 100%

    South/Central America countries:
    Level 3: 19/20 95%

    Europe countries:
    Level 2: 46/46 100%

  12. Fun! Here are my results, I may come back and do more:

    African Countries:
    Level 3: 38/53 72%

    African Bodies of Water (Oceans):
    Level 1: 9/9 100%

    Asian Capitals:
    Level 3: 29/32 91%

    Asian Countries:
    Level 2: 30/32 94%

    European Capitals:
    Level 3: 43/46 94%

  13. A few more results:
    Asian Countries – Level 7 – 91%
    Asian Countries – Level 8 – 91%
    Asian Bodies of Water – Level G – 93%
    Asian Capitals – Level 1 – 84%

    The capitals were pretty difficult for Uzbekistan, Azerbijan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikistan because the names just sound so unfamiliar!

  14. I’ve done levels 1 – 3 on African countries until I consistently got 100%. This is fun!

  15. Canada levels 1 – 6: 100%
    My friend from Montreal would be really proud. 🙂

  16. I am not very good at this game. I did Asian capitals level 1 with a score of 86%.

  17. I did a few of these but I really don’t have time to do more. Best Scores: South American Capitals level 1: 95%; south American Countries level 3: 90%; SoAm countries level 4: 70% (oops…); Europe capitals level 1: 93%; Europe capitals level 2: 96%; Europe capitals level 3: 87%.

    I did each a couple times. Good practice; I really need to learn my geography better!

  18. Everyone’s doing so well! Beastmomma, that’s a great score. 🙂

  19. Did I do something wrong? I was monkeying around with the USA map before I went onto the others, and I clicked on a state, then I tried to click on the state capitol, but when I clicked on the state, the website already said the capitol’s name already.

    Also I tried Word Press when I was trying out blogs and I stayed with Blogger. How do you fill out the form to join your blog? Thanks, Judy

  20. I’m bad at geography, so I’m pretty happy with my scores:

    Europe –
    Level 1: 96%
    Level 2: 98%
    Level 3: 91%
    Level 4: 85%

  21. Hey this is great : I will be using it with my students when school goes back here in Tas and I love the reading challgenge too! Great stuff, thanks so much 🙂

  22. Africa – Level 1: 54%

    I practiced each of the individual regions for a while before trying the continent as a whole. I was able to get 100% on some of the individual regions but couldn’t do very well on the continent as a whole. I’ll need a lot of practice before I try level 2.

    Maybe I’ll try some of the other regions if I don’t improve much at Africa.

  23. European Countries (Level 3) 98%
    World Geography (Level 3) 100%
    Canadian Provinces (Level 5) 100%
    Asian Countries (Level 5) 59%

    Obviously, I need to study up on Asia.

  24. Keep up the good work guys! And Michelle, I’m glad you enjoyed the games enough to share with your students. 😀

  25. I tried a few more of these tonight:
    Middle East Capitals:
    Level 1 – 94%
    Level 2 – 100%
    Level 3 – 100%
    Level 4 – 94%

    I can keep them straight while doing these quizzes, but they still get all mixed up in my head when I’m not looking at a map!

  26. Eva, thanks so much for this awesome site!!! Annie and I used to use a different geography games site, but this one is so much more fun…can’t wait to show it to Annie.

    I just tried African Countries Level 5. Only got 94%. Shhh…please don’t tell Annie!

  27. Okay, feel a little better about myself. Played the South American Countries Level 5. Got 100%. Yeah, I know, not that many to know there though.

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