Feburary Mini-Challenge: Periodicals

It’s time for the second mini-challenge of the year! This month, if you choose to participate, read an article from a newspaper, magazine, or journal and discuss it on your blog. The article should be something to do with ‘world citizenship,’ so just make sure it’s somethign international. If you don’t subscribe to any periodicals, many have free online viewing. And feel free to read in a foreign language if you can! I’ve included some magazine links, but it’s very America-centric, so feel free to suggest more in the comments and I’ll add them here. 🙂

Newsweek International
The Economist (my favourite!!)
Foreign Affairs
Foreign Policy
U.S. News & World Report

Recommended by Dark Orpheus:
The Utne Reader
Mother Jones

At the end of the month, I’ll do a drawing of all participants. I’m not sure what the prize will be yet, but I’ll let you know soon!


7 responses to “Feburary Mini-Challenge: Periodicals

  1. I love The Economist too!

    Other magazines to add to this list:
    The Utne Reader

    Mother Jones:


  2. Just thought you might want to know that the link to The Economist doesn’t work – it just links back to this post.

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  4. Sorry, Eva, I really haven’t had time this month to really think about this yet.

    Here’s the issue for me. I read/skimmed four CFR feeds. Do those count as a magazine?

    Oh, I just realized that the CFR feeds are all articles from magazines. Duh! So I guess that does work….

    Also, I’m a little worried about making my blog political, since it is primarily a reading blog. I really really don’t want another disagreeable commenter! (After your comment the other day about “blocking” comments and my comment about how that shouldn’t be necessary, I ended up having to take Drastic Measures afterall.)

    But I’m thinking through one article that I could write about without being too political. Probably won’t get it up until Saturday though. Thanks for encouraging awareness again.

  5. Hey, sorry, but this didn’t happen! I read some articles but didn’t write them up.

    Thanks for the reminder to be reading current events as well as the books!

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