And It’s Back

I’m sorry I’ve neglected the World Citizen blog for so long guys! I put it as private so I could edit it, make some changes and updates, but now it’s back. 🙂

Obviously, the mini-challenges fell by the wayside. And I’ve learned that while I love participating in challenges, I’m a pretty awful challenge host! I apologise. That being said, I still hope you guys enjoyed the books you’ve been reading. As you can see, I’ve added a new post for all challenge reviews, rather than making it monthly. I’ll be updating the review directory next.

Big thanks to everyone who kept reading despite my neglect. We’re down to the last couple of months-let’s enjoy them!


3 responses to “And It’s Back

  1. I have been terrible at participating! I need to change my participation level status. So sorry Eva!! The challenge is a terrific idea and I wish I had made more time to participate fully. I will work on at least participating at one level.

  2. I’ve been pretty bad at remembering to post on the spice of life challenge blog too!

    I think the reading is the most fun part anyway, so no worries!

    I’ve gotten four done, I have a fifth checked out and then just a few more before I’m finished!! It’s been a great challenge.

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