Obviously international stuff doesn’t happen in a vacuum-leaders are influenced by what’s gone on before. In this case, I’m going to pretty arbitrarily say that history is anything that happened before World War II; later than that, and it belongs in one of the other categories. Why? Well, it seems like most of us have a general idea of international relations from then on: the Cold War, the end of the Cold War, etc. but judging from some of the classmates I had in college, general knowledge of international stuff before WWII breaks down pretty fast. You can pick history books about any country you want (other than your native one), or about the world as a whole, or about a religion, or about anything else you can think of that’s international!





The Americas

The Middle East



One response to “History

  1. For another title, you may want to check out Simon Winchester’s THE MAN WHO LOVED CHINA. It is an excellent look at the development of science in China over the past several thousand years through the eyes of a man dedicated to chronicling those discoveries.

    The link to my review is in the January Mr. Linky if you want more info.

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